Saturday, September 29, 2007

blog assault...

i was browsing the net for typhoon wraths when it directs me to a multiply blog page..i got curiused and opened it..i saw the entries there...this girl is a genius blogger..but what caught my attention was her MOVIE REVIEW:I'VE FALLEN FOR YOU..a movie which stars KIM CHIU AND GERALD ANDERSON..( the blog's url..please do check on it..

the author ms.frances marie doplon is an effective critic...she created a chaos on that simple movie review on her blog...KIMERALD(derived from KIM-GERALD) kept on posting nasty comments on that blog..some wants her to delete it...some even said that gma 7 bribe her..hellar!!!it ws just a movie review..

pati ba namn sa blog may network war?

and then there's this many comments using different names..but only one email add and IP add..whoah!!baliw na ata ang KIMERALD?!!!

enewiz..what's the purpose of this blog?hmmm..ewan!!!ala lang kasi ako maisip e..but if this blog wil create havoc like the one that ms.doplon created..i will be glad to read you comments guys..



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