Saturday, September 29, 2007

Still hurting????or just missess him?

i always had this dream at night, i was walking down a steepy road. wandering where th eroad will take me.wandering where am i and what i was doin' there.i continued the journey hoping for someone or some place i am familiar with. then suddenly, the steepy road became a paradise. a place where the most bautiful flowers grew, in all sizes and colors with butterflies flying all over the palce. and in the middle of the paradise, i saw the trees. the trees i used to glance at everytime i passed by when i go home in province. i wonder why it was there?those trees are standing in the middle of a ricefield in Brgy. Lactawan, Solano Nueva Vizcaya. a place i passed by before i reached ours. in my dream, i saw my man standing under those trees. i rushed to him, hugged him tight as if i don't want to let him go, and kissed him. as always, he kissed me on my forehead, then on my cheeks, then on my lips. i can feel the warmth, the tenderness and the love he used to give me. the promise he gave me still brought joy to me. i've longed for his hug, for his kiss, for his voice and for his smile i used to love. the sweetest smile i've ever seen and ever been given to me. i was so bliss. never have imagined to be back on his arms once again..and always wishing to be with him forever. tears fell from his eyes as he whispered his love for me..whispering sweet nothings with him is still the best things i've always cherished. he hugged me tight as if it was the only thing to do. then my tears fell when he told me he's sorry. and slowly he fades away..i cried out his name..i felt that i will never see him again..

then i woke up and can never go back to sleep again. why is he still on my dreams..the kisses, the hugs, the seetnothings...i thought we're really in a paradise....but was just a dream...a dream still kept on coming i still hurting?or am i missing him a lot?

the trees in the middle is the one i mentioned above...i never misses to glance at those trees in the's as if telling me that in the middle of wilderness there is someone bigger or stronger you can lean upon.....

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