Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Stranger Smiled Back..

“Charles, I have loved you more than you ever know.”

“Same here Lizzy. I love you more than anybody else and I will love nobody but you. Ibibigay ko lahat ng kaya ko Lizzy, mapaligaya lamang kita.”

“Salamat Charles. Napakabuti mo sa akin.”

“Sweetheart, I told you, I love you very, very, very much!!!”

“I’m sorry Charles….but,….”

“But what Lizzy? What are you up to?”

“Let’s….braek up Charles. Napakatagal ng tatlong taong pagkakawalay natin sa isa’t isa. Many things have changed.”

“Lizzy sweetie, tell me you’re just kidding.”

“No Charles.. I hat to say this.. but,.. I don’t love you anymore… ”

“Sweetie I came home to fulfill my promise.. to marry you.”

“I can’t marry you Charles…”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Sorry Charles.. I really am.. I don’t love you anymore…”

“Tell me you’re kidding!! You’ve promised me that we’ll grow old together sweetie.. But why now?”

“Charles I have found another love when you’re away.. I have found true happiness.. and I’m sorry.. we really had to end this way.. It’s better for us to be just friends.”

“Give me enough reason.. Enough reason for me not to marry you.”

“I’m sorry… I really am…I am two months pregnant…with Mike’s baby.”


a month later…..

“Is this seat beside you taken?”

“No,” I answered without giving a glance at the stranger.

“Would you mind to transfer here? I feel dizzy when I don’t sit beside the window. Please?”

“Okay..” I answered and do her plea. And this time I glance at her.

“oh thank you! How nice of you.” The stranger with a sweet smile painted on her lips.

I am on a bus bound for Nueva Vizcaya to attend to my cousin’s wedding… and to mend a broken heart. My hometown would be the best place for me. Fresh air, quiet and specially be with my family.

Three years of sacrifice in a foreign land for a brighter future… For my would be family with Lizzy. Si Lizzy na pinag-alayan ko ng buong pagmamahal.. I thought she loves me the way or more than I did. Lahat ng pagmamahal, pagtitiwala..ibinigay ko ang lahat lahat sa kanya… “Oh Lizzy!! Where’s your promise? Iba na talga ang mundo ang takbo ng mundo ngayon. Babae na ang nang iiwan…ang nananakit ng damdamin.. what hurts me more is that the father of the kid…of all people!!! Bakit kay Mike pa? mike who has been my bestfriend since freshman high school?”

“Here’s my hanky…” said the stranger.. Oh God!! I was crying?!!

“Problem?”, she asked..again with that sweet smile. The sweetest smile I’ve ever seen!!

“Sort of.. Thanks for this!”, I answered referring to her hanky.

“Walang anuman. Care to share me what’s bothering you?”

“Nope. I’m sorry I can’t. it’s to personal to talk about it with a stranger like you.”

“hmmm.. let me guess..heart problem?” I didn’t answer. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep… to let her know that I am not interested to talk o her. TSISMOSA!!

“hindi ka namn iiyak kung hindi mabigat ang dinadadala mo.. if it’s because of a girl..she’s very lucky..” patuloy niya habang kinukukot ang baong tsitsirya. “Maybe she’s very special to you. Di ka naman iiyak kung hindi di ba?” at the corner of my eye,I saw her staring at me. Grabe talaga ang pagka chismosa ng babaeng ito!

“cge lang iyak ka lang. wag kang mahiya sa akin. Normal lang ang pag iyak.. I cried a lot too..this past few boyfriend for three years broke up with me coz of another girl..ang masama nabuntis nya ang girl na un…who happens to be his bestfriend’s girl..imagine that?!”..she paused..

I glance at her..the story seems familiar…

“I almost died..”she continued..”I want to kill them both… I gave him my love.. I trusted him..all my life I’ve never been betrayed..and I never thought that the man I love the most was the first one to betray me.. I love him so much that I am willing to give him everything…” she paused and still no answer from me.

“it’s been a month since I heard that news from him. The first week was really so unbearable. Gusto ko ng mamatay non.. di ko alam kung paano mabubuhay ng wala sya sa piling ko. I cried…and cried..and really crieda lot…”..

“But then I come to realize that maybe were not meant to be. That I don’t deserve him.. that a better one was there for me..”

She paused…maybe she thought I am already asleep. But every word from her sinks in me. Why? We have the same faith! My girl was bearing my best friend’s baby!!.. this petite stranger beside me.. with the sweetest smile. Angelic face. Looks so vulnerable just accepted hr faith as easy as why can’t i?

“He’s my everything.. siya ang buhay ko… pero dati yun. Tinuring ko na lang na isa syang bangungot. I don’t want to live my life with the past. I have to move on.. I have to live my life without him…”,she paused..

“Hmmm..alam ko nakikinig ka. Don’t ruin your life. If you two are really meant for each other, destiny will find it’s way in bringing you two back in each other’s arms again..”

I was really amazed by this petite stranger. How could she talk about those things with stranger like me?.. tsismosa lang ba talaga ito o madaldal lang talaga?

“Life doesn’t end where heartaches begin.. that’s what I’ve learned. It is again the beginning you know? Simula ng panibagong buhay.. panibagong pag-asa. I’ve learned a lot from my past relationship. Though it really hurts, we have to forgive and forget. It is where we can find true happiness and most specially have faith in God. He knows everything. He’ll never send you into situation alone. He’s just up there waiting for you to call.. paraan lamang Nya siguro yanpara maalala mo Siya..”

I opened my eyes and look at the stranger. Again she smiled. Kakaiba talaga siya sa mga babaeng nakilala ko. She really talks a lot.. but with sense.

“Yeah you’re right!! I can’t remember when was the last time I talked to Him.” Pag amin ko..

“Bayombong Junction na!!!tayo na po mga bababa jan!!”sigaw ng konduktor.

“Thanks for listening. Everything happens for a reason. Have faith in God. In Him we can find real happiness. Just trust Him okay? He’s waiting for your call. See you some other time, I hope!!!and sana when that time comes,magsalita ka na din ha? Bye.. good luck!!”she waved goodbye and smile at me again!

“whoah!! Kakaiba talag ang babaeng un!! Nobody talked to me that way. Even my mom never talked to me the way she did!!”

“uh-oh!mama para po!!” I shout and in a few second, the bus stopped. I rode in a tricycle and drove back to junction where the stranger stopped.. but she’s nowhere to be found! I forgot to ask her name. how ungentlemanly of me! And then I remembered the hanky she gave me.. it was still on my pocket.. and then I went home..


“Charles halika na!!kailangan mong sumama ngayon. Final rehearsals na pare. Marie’s best friend arrived from Nueva Ecija yesterday. I’m sure you’ll like her.. come on cuz!!” yaya ng pinsan kong c Chester.

“wla pa ako sa mood pare. Don’t worry , I already know what to do for tomorrow.” I answered.

“Tol my problema ba? Let’s talk about it later okay? I’m on rush at the moment..”

“thanks tol! But I’m okay! It’s just about the stranger on the bus yesterday. I can’t get rid of her in my mind..”

“ahumm!!! is she pretty?.” he asked with a grin..

“yeah! A real beauty..and mind you! She has the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen..”

“uh-oh! Finally cousin! I think it’s a good start. Okay I have to go now. Bye!!”

“ge ingat and please do extend my regards to Marie…”

“yep I will!!”


wedding day…

“cous, you know what? Lorraine , I think is perfect for you.”

Lorraine who?”

“Marie’s best friend and maid of honor. I’m sure you two will going to make a perfect pair!!”

“stop playing cupid tol!!”

“why what’s wrong? You’re both single.. oh! HERE THEY ARE!! Come on I’ll introduce you to her.”

“Later… I’ll introduce myself to her later.come on! The ceremony’s about to begin.” I answered. Honestly, I am not interested to meet that Lorraine.

A few minutes later, wedding march is on the air. The sweet soulful voice of the wedding singer made me shiver. I can’t understand why. Maybe I am just hallucinating.. I thought I saw the stranger at the entourage.

“cous, this is it! Finally, I will tie the knot with the woman I love the most. I hope you’ll be the next, soon!”. Chester said as he waits for his bride… I just smiled at him.

“that’s Lorraine..” he said referring to the bride’s maid.

I glanced at the entourage and I was shocked! I thought I ws just hallucinating a while ago..

Lorraine…the maid of honor..Marie’s best friend… and the stranger with a sweet smile.. oh! God! I can’t believe it! I told myself…

I never thought that our paths will cross again. Never thought that she’s the bride’s maid from Nueva Ecija..

As she walked down the aisle, I smiled at her.. hoping to see the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen…

……………………..and the stranger smiled back!!!.......................

--------- The end-----

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