Saturday, September 29, 2007


i am a GMA 7 baby...why?

when i was just a little kid,the only channel our tv had was gma where you belong...the logo is still the rainbow where in a silver statue spread his arms wide then the rainbow comes out...our neighbors too only watched hma shows then..

and now..i confess i still do prefer watched kapuso shows on daytime and on QTV rather than on kapamilya..but kapamilya shows invade the television set on primetime..

NETWORK WAR is really an issue here. comparing one's rating to another..claiming the no.1 slot....the best station....but who really is the NUMBER 1?

SWITCHING OF STARS sometimes invade the when ANGEL LOCSIN moved to kapamilya...we all know that Angel is a product of the kapuso network...made her the star she is now....Angel's decision to move to the kapamilya network really did brought a month long headline in showbusiness...anjan ung sinabihan siyang walang utang na nagpalaglag..etc..etc....then the kapamilya now claims that Angel Locsin really started on them..on ANG TV..dun daw siya nagsimula...but what is new?ganun namn sila talaga di ba?when an artist is already a star..a star made by the other network,they'll try to get them as their talent.offering them 3times the other network can give them..we all know that kapamilya is richer than the kapuso network....then pag talent na nia ang isang artista na pinasikat ng kabila,sasabihin na nilang WELCOME BACK!!!dahil dun namn daw talag sila nagsimula..

dun sila nagsimula..di sumikat...pumasok sa kabila at siyay sumikat...nang siya'y sikat na bumalik sa kanyang pinagmulan sa mas mataas na bayad...i can't blame them for switching mother networks..they just want a "greener pasture" hirap ba anmn ng buhay ngayon di ba?
pero is it ethical to leave the company who made you who you are now for a bigger money?

where's the LOYALTY?


goin back to the real topic....the two major networks in our country kept on claiming that they are the number one and the best tv station...

who do you think is the real one?


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