Wednesday, October 3, 2007


first day of October, twas rainy monday..i was reading John Grisham's THE CLIENT but i can't concentrate on waht i was reading. there are lots of memoirs that kept ringing on my mind. i turned on the television set and just kept on switching channels..still those memories keep on coming...i grabbed my pen and paper and jot down everything in my mind.
October, the second BER months and the real start of low temperature. time for school breaks and have some fun..
'twas October last year when the super typhoon MILENYO hit the country. left thousands homeless due to the heavy rain that caused landslides in the BICOL REGION, VISAYAS, METRO MANILA, TAGALOG REGIONS and some part in NORTHERN LUZON. Cavite was one of the worst hit by the typhoon that the administrator cancelled classes in all scholl levels including the prestigious police academy in that place..'twas October last year when i had this memorable moment spent with my "one-and-only" back then. the moment i was the happiest despite the strong typhoon.
'twas also the same month when we broke up and brought me to tears..but it was also that time when i met this someone, a very special friend that brightens up my day... a man who brought me up from deep shallow...from the world of blue...the man behind all the smiles despite all the hurts and pains caused by intrigues and insults and nasty rumors about me by the an org i was once belong to.. the man who taught me to be strong and to believe in myself..
'twas also the same month when my pretty boss ajah landed a job as EDI SUPPORT at GXS in Makati...;twas October last year when Lalaine ran away from us with a cash and some 2nd hand mobile units costing around 60,000 pesos..and it was October last year when ajah lost her first love..her boyfriend for 2years..
in a month's time many died..many cried..we've lost a lot..i think jinx came in the way on OCTOBER 2006..
i hope and pray that what happened October last year won't happen again...

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