Sunday, November 18, 2007

want something ?

yesterday..i received an instant message from someone i don't know who....asked me where my display image was taken for she like "daw" the water current..and i can't blame her for most of my friends are asking me where was that...i didn't answer the question of that person instead, i asked her who she is...but i just got the reply earlier this morning....and she told me that she is a girl from the past i do not want to have communication with anymore..she is a member of an org i was once belong to...

i really can smell something fishy with her intention of adding me up..i blocked them all on my yahoo mess account...i was just wondering why on earth she sign up for another account and out of the blue she'll pop up asking me where that place is?and then add me as her contact?for almost a year with no communication with them?for almost a year of being in the pedestal of shame they built for me?now that i am contented with my real friends?now that i am through and have had moved on with that pace of my life?bigla na lang sila magpaparamdam?using another nick?


i know you're reading this blog....i mean viewing this everyday...

IP Address 210.23.176.## Cavite, Cavite City?

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